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About TXsoft

Eddie Runner founded TXSOFT in 1995. (early days of the internet)

The goal of TXsoft is to provide you with the help you need in understanding and putting up your own business website. From Hosting to SEO to E-COMMERCE.. It is all so confusing to someone looking for a new website..  I can help you!


Business Without A Website?

Everyone should have a website, but there are way too may businesses don’t have a website.

You would think, when starting a business, having a great website would be one of the most important things…
You would think, it would be right up there with choosing a location or stocking a store or hiring employees…
You would think, it would be right at the top of ANY advertising campaign..
You would think, a business should have a website before opening their doors for the grand opening!!!.

In the REAL world,  there are a lot of businesses like electricians, plumbers, florists, maids, yard services, and many other small businesses that just don’t have a website at all.

A lot of these businesses rely on word of mouth, that’s great, but even a past customer may do a web search if they forgot the number or lost the address. A website is more then attracting new customers, its there for continuing business, its a ROCK for a business.  That’s where most people look .. ONLINE!

Plus, some people think a business without a website is fly by night, or at least very unprofessional.


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Why don’t these business have a website?
Many reasons.
1. Don’t Know How – Some owners have no idea how to start a site, when they look into it they hear all kinds of weird new words like Hosting, Web Development, Web Design,  Flash, Java Script, Bounce Rate, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click, Link trading, Social Media Integration, Mobile design, WordPress…
Its overwhelming and they just don’t know what they need..  Lucky for you! YOU FOUND US!!!

2. It Costs too Much – With all this confusion it just sounds expensive. There is no way know what it would cost without first understanding which of the big words you actually need.
The cost of not having a website is even more! Your loosing Customers, Your loosing Business, Your loosing money!!!

3. Do it Later – Many we talked to seem to think they will eventually get around to it or have a relative or friend that might do a site for them “someday”.  Some just say they don’t have time.
It should have already been done, if you leave it for tomorrow your procrastinating !! Do it now!! It should have already been done!!

4. Don’t Need One – Some say there is no benefit to me being on the web, I already have my customers, or I rely in word of mouth.
Of course you need a website, your competition has a website!  Everyone does!!
The benefits for you is your website is your ROCK. Anyone can find you any day, any time, from any place in the world!
If they loose your business card, they can find your site!
If your customers wants to know your address so they can send you a check, its on your website!
Word of mouth now days is very much on the web!

Websites are not a luxury, they are a must!
To be taken seriously you need to have one!

Why do you need a website?
1. People hardly use the yellow pages any more, they search on the internet for a website..
2. People hardly use the local paper want adds any more, they search online..
3. Even word of mouth has moved online with facebook, and other social media.
4. Website is there for you as your ROCK 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Rain or shine, day or night.
5. Your competitors probably have websites.
6. If someone searches for you online and cant find you, they might go elsewhere.

Helping Beginners

Website consulting, hosting, design and advice . Setting up your first website is easy. We specialize in helping beginners.

How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

We get this question all the time. There are many types of web sites.

Static web sites

A static page is something that is always the same.
Cost: from $25

Dynamic web sites

A dynamic page is something that can have new information, or updates, or changes often, sometimes with interaction from the users or the owners of the site.
Cost: from $100

Starter web sites

They can be as simple as one page, and are static, kind of like a large yellow page add of old ..
Every business MUST HAVE this at the very least.
Cost: from $25

Database driven web sites ,  E-commerce web sites, Flash sites

and others. Each taking more or less time than the next site.

Since 1995 TXsoft has designed and developed almost every type of web site imaginable.

When you search for the right web developer or web site design company, you will find a wide range of pricing. One thing will be consistent; The Real Web Design firms normally charge by the hour.

Doing your own research and deciding what you want your web page to be could save you some money. Thats as simple as looking at the web sites of others, maybe even your competitors and deciding what you want your web page to look like and what you want on it. Write it down. This will give you something to compare from one web outfit to another as well as reduce the time involved in creating the site.

So how much does a web site cost? It varies. Over the next few pages, we will show you a few sites and what you might expect to pay for design, development, hosting and search engine optimization. These prices are not firm. They reflect an average of what we have done in the past. We have completed web sites for hundreds of dollars less for each type of site listed, as well as sites for many thousands over what we are listing. Again, the pricing is simply to give you an idea of what you might expect to pay for a QUALITY WEB SITE, not one done by ‘Uncle Bubba’s nephew, Buford.

Lets look at some pricing > >

Web Site Pricing

As we mentioned web sites vary drastically in price. From a One page starter to a twenty thousand page (seriously) large e-com site.

Simple Starter Site

This is where a company usually begins their web presence. Starter sites are a MUST for a new business.
Way too many times we hear ” We dont have a website yet, but my brother in law is going to make one for us soon.”
Don’t fall into this procrastination!
Get you a web site NOW, your brother in law can help you with the design and he can spruce it up with his/your personal touches later. Starter web sites are generally very inexpensive and a great value for the money. Starter sites are usually simple and with lack of complexity comes an inexpensive price.

One Page Starter Site

One Page ‘Starter-Sites’ generally need the basic information about your business, company name, logo, a photo address, maybe a map, an email to you, phone number and some text telling all about your business.

Multiple Page Starter Site

Might consist of a Home page, About Us page, Contact Us page, Products and/or Services pages a few photos and a Testimonials page.

Of course each business may have unique web page requirements, but these pages are fairly common for a business. A ‘Starter Site’ with one page could be as cheap as $100 because we make so many like it we can almost do it blindfolded.

A Multipage site a Quality Design (not an Uncle Bubba’s nephew design) will take about 20-25 hours to complete and run in the neighborhood of $1500-$1800. Now with that said, we have done ‘Starter-Sites’ as little as $600.00 (see ‘Scope Document’ on previous page). We have also developed ‘Starter-Sites’ for several thousand dollars. Each project is unique in design and development time.

Advanced Site

Advanced Web Sites may be the next progression for a company web presence. The ‘Advanced Web Sites’ might include the same pages as ‘Starter-Sites’ as well as additional pages or features like:
Social Media – Connections and links to Facebook, linkedin, and other popular social media.
Blog – interactive messaging for your business, and/or your customers
Product Pages – pages to display brands, categories and/or individual projects.
Mobile Friendly pages – for use of your web pages on mobile devices
Database – Storing and Retrieving data right on your web pages, your customer information and /or your products among other things.
CMS – Content Management System – This can be anything from a simple WordPress or Joomla addition to a custom back end which could include every aspect of your business including, sales, accounting, timecards, payroll, training, and so fourth.. Almost anything you can think of.

All of the things listed above require more development time, which means increased cost.

Lets look at your costs after web site is launched >

Costs Associated with Your Web Site after Launch

Once your web site is designed and developed, it is necessary to put it “out there” on the internet. That normally means paying a company a small amount to HOST your site on a web server. This is what allows a ‘Web Browser’ (visitor to your web site) to access your company web site.

Hosting for your web site can vary in price and is normally billed on an annualy quarterly or monthly basis. There are even free hosting options out on the Net, but you really do get what you pay for. So when it comes to placing your website on a host, be careful. Not all hosts are capable of the more advanced features you may want, and many of the cheaper hosts use a low price or free host period to lure you in then hit you with a HIGH (above average) price for your service to continue after your initial period is over.

Web Site Hosting fees range from FREE to $50.00 a month for ‘Starter and Advanced Sites’. Read the fine print when choosing a lesser priced or free hosting company. Are there Bandwidth restrictions? Are you provided business level site statistics and analitics? Can your host provide the latest in Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection? Are you provided user-level control panels for email and spam quarantine?

Internet Bandwidth is not free to hosting companies. Nor is the cost of servers, software, upgrades and labor to maintain those servers. So how could a hosting company stay in business with free hosting? They can not, they have to generate revenue somehow.

Lets look at Marketing > >

Web Site Marketing – Getting Listed on Search Engines

If there is one area many companies do not plan for PRIOR to having a web site designed and developed, it is Search Engine Marketing ( SEO / SEM ).

There is so much involved in getting your site listed on search engines, reference books the size of Tolstoy’s, ‘War and Peace,’ have been written on the subject. We will keep this shorter but want to stress: Research, Planning and Budgeting.

After your web site is ‘Live’, it is time to address search engine listings. Depending on the competitive nature of your industry and the targeted keyword phrases for your web site, SEO cost will vary greatly. SEO/SEM companies can dedicate multiple employees up to and over 40hrs a week to your marketing campaign. SEO Campaigns MUST BE ADDRESSED BEFORE YOU START THE DESIGN PROCESS, NOT AFTER!

The single most common issue we see from existing sites that do not rank well on search-engines is the technical manner in which the web site was coded and developed. Web Designers without fundamental search engine knowledge rarely code a site that can get listed well in search-engines. Below are areas you should address with your Web Site Development / SEO Team.
Keyword analysis (prior to copy writing!)
Technically sound SEO structure of the web site code
Site Maps for each Search Engine
‘Mobile-Ready’ version of your web site (PRIORITY FOR TODAYS MOBILE CULTURE!)
Directory Listing Submission (paid & free Directories – Authoritative Direcorties!)
Develop a ‘Back-link’ strategy
Develop a Search Engine ‘Local Search’ strategy
Create a Blog & update it weekly or don’t do it at all.
Create a Social Networking strategy & update it daily or don’t do it at all Services
Web Sites Design and Development
Turnkey web site design, development and deployment for any budget.
Web Site Hosting
Operate and maintain webservers full of featuresÂ
Back-Up at prices small and medium sized business can afford.
Email Hosting
Included with every website
Database Applications
From simple to Advanced no problem.
Search Engine Optimization
We will not leave you after your site is launched. All websites come with some level of Search Engine Optimization. We offer simple site submission to very advanced SEO and consulting
Photography Services
Over 35 years experience of studio and on-location photography.
Web Video Production
Whether you need new video production for your web site or you have existing video you need converted for the web, have a solution for you